And if there weren't any questions?

It's 2014 and the croatoan virus has arrived

Supernatural • (like a lot)
Once Upon A Time • (like a lot too)
Arrow • (like a lot but a lil less)
Captain America • (like a lot as well)
BTR • (just like 24/7)
Marvel • in general
Harry Potter • is here too
Sometimes some funny posts

Destiel • all da way
Captain Swan • always
Olicity • sure
Steve and Bucky • idk da ship name

Jensen Ackles (so pie)
Misha Collins (da king)
Jared Padalecki (l'oreal paris)
James Maslow (da diamond)
Colin O'Donoghue (omg so pirate)
Chris Evans (my captain)
Sebastian Stan (so mad hatter. so soldier)
Josh Dallas (my prince)
Stephen Amell (idk so Amell. so archer)